Election Day 2016

Tears welled as I listened to NPR’s Renee Montagne’s remembrance of the “voice of Hawaii,” singer Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. When his signature rendition of Sometime Over the Rainbow played, tears coursed down my cheeks—so moved by the lyrics and their sentiment.  There is hope—there is a place where dreams come true—where clouds are behind you—where troubles melt like lemon drops. So hokey, but as I moved through my morning those thoughts were with me.

Casey called as I was going into vote.

“I just voted and I’m walking home—call me back okay?”

As I left the community center having checked the box for Hillary and local candidates and referenda, the teary feeling, the burning eyes and trembling chin returned. I called Casey back.

“What’s up?”

“Oh nothing”

“I thought it was something important you wanted to tell me…you sounded kind of urgent”

“No—it’s just that I feel so emotional. I actually teared up when the lady, the poll worker, asked me my name!”

“I had the same feeling. I don’t know why—relief that it’s over? Or that we might elect a woman as president? Or fear that he might actually win?

“Yeah—I thought about Mary and how important it would have been to her, that she would have been the first person at the polls to vote for a woman for president, and to all my kids at school, what this means, or could mean for them…”

“I know, I thought about my mom, grandma…it’s her birthday today you know…what would her life have been like if she lived in this new world.  I heard the other day that when the Cubs last won the World Series women didn’t have the vote!”

“Yeah, I just hope it really happens.  Gotta go—enjoy your writing!”

Checking my Facebook page before I left for writing, I was once again moved to tears. This time, the posts of my friends and more so the posts of young mothers at the polls with their kids…posting their hopes for the future…their happiness, even glee that their kids would always know that it was possible for a woman to be President of the United States…that this was not just a dream…that the dreams of many might come true…even if our troubles don’t melt like lemon drops…there is hope—perhaps my favorite word.


Note: This was a 20-minute response to two prompts in my writing group on Election Day 2016:  What you don’t know and What is your favorite/least favorite word.



Hillary defeats Trump in a landslide

All the leaning states go for Hillary.

The Dems win the Senate by one vote.

The work is just beginning.

Trump initially refuses to concede. His speech rambles on about the rigged systems.

His handlers get to him and eventually he concedes, but does not congratulate Hillary.

His followers threaten violence—they say they will never accept “crooked Hillary”.

The rest of the Republicans secretly sigh with relief but immediately vow to oppose every Supreme Court justice nominated by Hillary.  They say out loud that they will keep the Court at eight justices.


 Note: This was a 5-minute response to a prompt in my writing group on Election Day 2016:  Tomorrow

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