Ups & Downs

The wheel, long a metaphor for life, is always turning, sometimes ascending sometimes descending; no beginning and no end, forever moving to stay balanced. My blog The Wheels Keep Turning explores and shares the ups and downs of cycling and life. Through my journeys, literal and figurative, I offer the perspective of a mother, wife, cyclist, friend and whatever other role I take on. From the wheel’s hub I observe movement from a place of stillness and try to understand the complexity of each spoke.

Like the cycles of life, The Wheels Keep Turning has stages. It looks at the present but also forward and backward…always a circle.  Hence the topics; Cycling—stories of bicycle tours and biking ruminations, Circles—stories of marriage, family, friends and relationships and Cobwebs—stories of long ago memories.

I write for pleasure, to understand, and to be understood. Through stories about cycling, travel, relationships and events, I try to create a road map of life’s twists and turns to engage and entertain the reader. I seek to keep, explore and to be sustained by memories, and the love, loyalty and company of friends and family.



8 thoughts on “Ups & Downs

  1. Ken

    I really enjoyed your adventure Cycling post. So many truths. We’ve done southern tier and Canada to Mexico with ACA. And a number of trips with the two of us. We have just completed a loop of South Korea. If you haven’t done it you should. I can give you some suggestions if you want. Our blog is


  2. Glory Fox Dierker

    Simply Beautiful


  3. Barbara

    Looking forward to riding (metaphorically) along with you.


  4. Kathleen

    Terrific metaphor for life. I also like the three Cs and the writing–the use of present participles communicates the continuous nature of our lives.


  5. Love this blog! Keep pedaling/peddling your stories.


  6. Carrington Tarr

    Lovely image, lovely writing. Can’t wait to see what turns up for you here!


  7. Rosieda

    Well done Susan!!! Beautiful blog and love the three ‘C’


  8. Great metaphors
    Write and Ride on


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